4 Advocates for the Arts

Theatrical masks of Tragedy and Comedy. Mosaic, Roman artwork, 2nd century CE.
Photographer: antmoose, Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:TragicComicMasksHadriansVillamosaic.jpg. Image in the public domain.

As an artist and teacher, I am an unabashedly wholehearted advocate of the arts. To me, they are as potentially powerful a set of tools in the formation of engaged, productive citizens as are core disciplines such as English, math, history, and science. The problem is, our school systems, society in general, and unfortunately many artists don’t do a great job of explaining how the arts can be used. Consequently, many people go through life inundated daily with images, commercials, movies, radio, music videos, architecture, designs, and many more manifestations of the arts while remaining unsure how to react to or participate with them. The authors of the following 4 TED talks, however, have not only identified ways in which their disciplines matter, but they are also keen on communicating some of those reasons to you:


JR – Use art to turn the world inside out

In his acceptance speech for the 2011 TED Prize, JR answers the question, “can art change the world?”


Patsy Rodenburg – Why I do Theatre

Patsy Rodenburg shares how theatre helps people stay present and honest.


Benjamin Zander – Classical music with shining eyes

Benjamin Zander is convinced, and may convince you, that everyone loves classical music – they just don’t know about it yet.


Wayne McGregor – Tips for thinking like a dancer

How can your body interpret thoughts and ideas through space? Wayne McGregor choreographs a modern dance on the spot.


In ways large and small, the arts bear witness to our truths. If you like this post, rate it, then explore other TED arts contributors such as Candy Chang.



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